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Bee Removal La Marque Tx - 409-433-9055

La Marque Tx Beekeeper Near Me

La Marque Bee Removal and Relocation Services

911 Pest Patrol/ 911 Honey Bee Removal 409-433-9055

Are you searching for La Marque honeybee removal services? We offer effective solutions to remove honeybees. It is well-known that honeybees are an important part of our ecosystem. If they build a nest in or around a residence, it should not be considered a crime to kill them.

Humane Honey Bee Relocation La Marque

Our honeybee removal solutions in La Marque TX include finding the hive and removing the colony with professional bee extractors. We can do this without harming or even killing the bees. Next, we begin to remove the honeycomb. This step is often skipped when bees have been treated with pesticides.

Walls can become contaminated by honey comb. These problems include the honey becoming rotten and the honey being attracted to the area. This can create a new problem.

Professional Bee Extraction

The Critter Squad recognizes the importance of bees in Texas and takes great pride when we relocate them. A bee colony that has reached too close to a structure or is threatening it is best handled by bees.

We only use the most high quality bee equipment. To make sure the colony thrives, we treat them as delicately and carefully as possible. The La Marque TX bee removal services are unparalleled in terms of efficiency and care.

Honey Production

Many people are shocked to discover that it takes pollen 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey. This fact will give you an idea about how special and hardworking honey bees when you consider the amount they produce.

Honey has been used over the centuries to treat everything, from antiseptics to antibacterial and even antimicrobial treatment. Honey can be a very valuable resource. It is therefore expensive to source high-quality honey.

Bee Removal La Marque Tx - 409-433-9055


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