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Free Bee Removal Quote Houston Tx - 832-598-7244

Free Bee Removal Quote Houston Tx

Houston TX Free Bee Removal Quote

You might be wondering if it is possible to get a free bee treatment. Click this link to learn more about how you can get a free bee removal. Call us for a free consultation, if you need to be sure! 911 honeybee Removal is making a difference. We are a live bee removal service provider and dedicated to saving honey bees, saving the planet, step by step.

How to get free bee removal

We will be discussing what costs bee removals can cost, how expensive they are and what we can do to help you save money. We'll also help you to identify the best bee removal and relocation services and explain why it is so important to keep bees alive, rather than kill them.

Let's assume you have bee problems on your property. You'll call the first Google search result for bee control near you or pest control company. would be our choice, we hope. Click here to reach us regarding bee removal. We will ask you four questions.

A free bee removal may be possible if you answer within one to three working days. Anything more than that will probably require specialized equipment and a lot work. If you are wondering why people won't just come to your house and remove the bees for free because they're getting honey from the area, the answer is quite simple.


Texas requires you to re-queen your feral bee colonies. We will need to purchase a new queen if we try to take your feral colony with us. Your bees may have just arrived. If you see a bunch of honeybees hanging from a branch, it's likely that they are a bee-swarm. It is very simple to manage bee swarms within the first few day. A bee relocation service provider will probably recommend that you wait at least 2 days if you tell them you have a bunch of bees on a branch in the garden. Swarms can be bees which have fled a colony that they grew out and are looking for a home. They will probably be gone in the evening or the next morning. You'll still be eligible to receive a free bee treatment if the bees are still present within two days. Most companies will charge you for the time and costs they incur to get to the hive. Cost will depend on the location of your property.

You might not be eligible to receive a free removal even if the swarm has only been around for a few hours. If the bees are easily accessible from the ground, you can get rid of them. It's fine to enjoy the view from someone who comes out to help. You won't get a free bee removal if they are in your home, on a tree or underneath your house. If you have bees in your house, the best option is an open, clean, closed bee relocation.

911 Honey Bee Service is here to help you! We at 911 Honey Bee removal will do what you ask. They will then either offer to clean it up and then give you a number of handy-man services to close it.

The third question is not relevant to bee removals. A bee nest that has reached a certain size will require much more equipment and time to remove. There won't be any free pest control companies offering to move it. The bees might be exterminated by someone, but this isn't economically feasible as bee species are vanishing all around the globe. Choose someone who relocates honey bees, not exterminates them. This will help stop the system slowly killing off honey bees. This is a major problem for the earth's ecosystem and for the food chains. Honey bees are the ones that pollinate the fruits and veggies on our plates. Food prices are likely to skyrocket if bees go extinct. Albert Einstein is credited with this quote. Although it is unlikely that it was him, it is nevertheless true.

Contact us to learn more about bee identification. We're currently working on a quiz to help identify your bees.


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