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The Best part is that you can hire us for bee removal in katy tx and we can safely remove the Honey Bees and beehive when applicable and your done!  Why does this matter because many people spend tons of money trying to do it themselves only to find that's its not that easy and dangerous!  We provide a complete service and back our work with a warranty. We are licensed and insured for your protection 

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911 Honey Bee Removal Service Katy Tx Is Your Best Protector from Dangerous Honey Bees Because of Our Dependable Bee Removal Services in Texas.

911 Honey Bee Removal Service is made up professional beekeeping staff  that has been protecting the lives of thousands of people and their property from swarms of "bees" proliferating in several areas. These aggressive and poison-carrying bees—a hybrid between the European and the highly aggressive Africanized species—are multiplying in southern areas of the U.S., and we are your last line of defense against them.

Flying "Scout" Bees and Their Hives in Your Property Are a Clear and Present Danger 

Before these lethal bees launch a full-blown invasion of your home and property in Katy Tx, they send out "scouts" to look for the ideal nest for their queen, which will then be joined by hundreds of male bees and the tens of thousands of worker bees to form a colony. Honey bees build their colony fast, with one colony comprising 10,000 to over 60,000 bees. Even if they are already building a colony, the bees try to look for other more suitable sites for their queen's nest. So when you see their "scouts," it's time to press the alarm button to call for help from your local Beekeepers Katy provider.

911 Honey Bee Removal Service in Katy Tx Has Effective Strategies to Get Rid of Killer Bees and recover friendly bees Invading Your Home and Property in Katy Texas Areas.

Honey bees are very crafty in building their colony inside your home and property they sneak into your walls, roof, attic, chimney and other hard-to-see and hard-to-reach places. Others build their hives high up on trees. 911 honey bee removal has all you needed bee removal expertise to know where bees are hiding and, more importantly, how to remove them all wherever they may be.


We Guarantee our Bee Removal Service of Your Home and Property in Katy Tx.

When you see bee hives in your home, do not act hastily by trying to get rid of the bees yourself. These bees attack mercilessly once they sense danger. Just a single bee sting can send someone to hospital. It's because a stinging bee releases a venomous chemical called melittin into their victim, triggering a burning sensation. When a honey bee stings a person, it dies in the act since part of its body is ruptured when it tries to pull back its stinger, which remains stuck on the victim's skin. Multiple bee stings could be lethal. So do not dare to attack the bee hive yourself, or even with a helper. Chances are, you won't succeed. Call 911 Honey Bee Removal Service if you need professional Beekeepers in Katy Texas to do this dangerous Bee Removal job for you.


911 Live Honey Bee Removal Katy Service Is Your Ever-Reliable Ally Against Hazardous Bees in Katy Tx.

Here at 911 Honey Bee Removal Service , it is our job as a Bee Removal Company to protect the lives of people and their properties in Houston Texas from honey bee attacks for years now. We have established a solid reputation as a strong, dependable and effective army of professional honey bee removal experts who would leave no stone unturned in ensuring our customers' peace of mind by removing all threats to the safety and well-being of their family posed by killer bees and relocating of friendly bees when possible.


Our Bee Removal Professionals Know How Best to Fight and Remove All Invasive Bees in Katy Tx

There may be other Bee Removal Companies  in your area, but why take chances with them when you already have us? Here at 911 Honey Bee Removal Service, Our Katy Beekeepers are highly-trained and skilled bee removal experts who know all the strategies in  removing these bees. Don't risk your life by going after the bees yourself. Many have done that only to regret their action later on. Among insects, bees are considered the biggest cause of human fatalities in the U.S. Official statistics show that bee stings kill 40 to 100 people yearly in America. We are here so you won't become part of that statistics.

We also love our bees and will try to relocate friendly honey bees to further help the environment but even friendly bees can be dangerous when provoked so please be careful when in contact with them and call your local bee removal expert her at 911 Honey Bee Removal.


Our Guarantee: No Second Wave of Bee Infestation in Your Home in Katy Tx

Our service is comprehensive and guaranteed. This means that we at 911 Honey Bee Removal Service will make sure that area on your home and property will not be subjected to another bee infestation right after we remove every one of those nasty insects and cleaned the infested areas. Our team in Katy Texas will make your home "invisible" to honey bees by scraping off the left-over parts of their honeycomb and honey wax. If not entirely removed, those hive and honeycomb traces could serve as invitation for other bee swarms to invade your home or cause damage to your property. Length of warranty vary depending on the bee removal site. 


Call Us Now If You Need 911 Emergency Bee Removal Service in Katy, TX and surrounding areas 832-598-7244

Bees are useful to farmers since these insects provide pollination for agricultural crops. Bees also provide the sweet honey for consumers. But they become dreadful pests when they start building hives to form colonies in your homes. When this happens, don't hesitate to call us at 911 Honey Bee Removal Service in Katy Tx so that we can get rid of these bees before they harm you. Our bee removal service fees are very reasonable notwithstanding the hazards that our experts face in dealing with this bee infestation problem. We can also get rid of other troublesome insects in your property such as wasps and yellow jackets. When it comes to fighting and removing nasty insects from your homes, we are the Bee Removal professionals who can do the job for you.

Caution! - Beware of hiring non local Bee Removal  companies with "No license or insurance"! or part time hobbyist to remove your bees from your home or business structure. We have come behind so many so called bee removal companies only to find the job was done incorrectly and they are no where to be found.  Also if the structure is being worked on and something goes wrong and they have no insurance.  YOU are liable for the damages or if they get hurt onsite you could be liable aswell. (Disclaimer we do not give legal advise and recommend ou contact your attorney for any questions on this subject) Bottom line hire reputable companies and save yourself money and heartache.  When purchasing bee removal service make sure you have a long warranty or you could be paying many times for the same job.

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We are Katy Tx Beekeepers dedicated to helping residential and business owners remove nuisance honey bees from their structures, trees etc. . WE ARE A LOCAL Bee Removal company not from another city to not be found if you have any problems we are right down the street. With over 30 years of combined experience we can get it done right.  We provide a full service removals and extermination if necessary.  We are a veteran owned local company and the #1 experts in our field! We perform Honey Bee Removal in Houston, Cypress, Spring, Humble, Richmond and Katy Texas.


To provide a quality service at an affordable rate to our customers!  We strive and constantly train to be the best in the Industry.

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911 Honey Bee Removal Service




Excellent service - they have very polite and friendly employees!

-Brett Bond Cypress TX

911 Bee Removal were great to my mother. We live in different cities and I got recommendations for them and two other companies from BBB Houston. I called all three, 911 bee removal and one other company called me back and were competitive with pricing. The other company didn't even bother to call me back. jerry evaluated the situation, gave me a great deal and treated my 85 year old mother with respect. My mother is totally pleased with the service and her problem was solved in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.

-Cheryl Eckmund Katy, Tx

We were so wrong. We thought we could take care of the bees that got behind my mother's brick and built a hive in the subflooring. The problem just got worse. 911  bee guy came out, explained everything that we needed to do, quoted a VERY fair price and got the job done. It would have cost us less money and headache if we had just called them to begin with. If you have bees, call 911 bee removal company. They are knowledgeable, reasonably priced and flexible. Thank you very much!

-jeri Spence  Richmond TX

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