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Honey Bee Removal Information from Local Beekeepers in your area,

Professional Beehive Removal

Common bee removal scenarios



1 Story- Typically they will go into a weep hole or opening around plumbing, cracks or any lose siding areas.


they will go inside the wall between the studs or they will be in the soffit (space between the edge of the roof and wall).


 Depending on the material on the outside whether the hive can be removed from the outside or inside.  I always recommend a hive removal if they have been there longer than 3 weeks if not you risk having a nightmare of a mess with honey seeping down the wall and not to mention attracting new bee colonies to that area.

2 story-


All the above and if they are going into an opening in the middle of the wall, its very common for them to build into the sub floor.  When removing the materials damage may occur sometimes and cannot be avoided, we do not repair any damages but we try to minimize the damage if possible..  Also if there are a minimal amount of honey cone or bees that are killed during the process this will not effect the end result of a bee free area backed by our warranty.  We will perform a bee-proofing process of the area to remove as much of the pheromones left by the bees to prevent attracting nearby swarms.

Honey bees will choose the best suitable place to move their colony into and there is really no particular reason why besides the space and protection in those areas. We can help remove and prevent further bee swarms from coming back to that area with our proven bee-proofing process backed with a warranty.

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Honey Bee Swarm on Window
Bee on a Daisy



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