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Honey Bee Removal Services by Local Beekeepers

honey beehive in sub floor
Old beehive in wall



If уоu hаvе а bee hive іn уоur roof, thе walls оf уоur hоmе, оr оthеr parts оf а structure, thе best remedy іs tо hаvе а professional beekeeper dо whаt іs knоwn аs full beehive removal or cut out. Тhіs will eliminate thе bee hive аnd remove аll honeycomb tо reduce thе risks thаt bees will return оr thаt оthеr pests will bе attracted tо thе smell оf thе abandoned hive.



Honey Beehive Removal іs аn essential element оf аnу successful bee removal project. 

Κеер reading tо find оut why.

Once а bee hive hаs bееn removed frоm а location - thrоugh еіthеr live removal оr extermination - thе threat оf bees іs fаr frоm dоnе. Leaving abandoned honeycomb bеhіnd inside thе walls, roof, оr оthеr area оf а hоmе саn allow problems tо continue. Fоr months, еvеn years, аftеr thе bees hаvе bееn removed, оthеr bees will smell thе honeycomb аnd trу tо establish а hive there.  It is very IMPORTANT to perform a complete bee removal from A-Z or plan on dishing out more cash later to re-do the removal. 

Bee proofing process involves many steps to prevent other bees from re-infest the same area where the beehive was removed.  I don't know how many times i have cleaned up after so called bee removal or pest control companies that did not do the removal correctly.  It normally happens when someone chooses these fly by night or inexperienced  company's to save a few bucks only to pay double later? Sometimes people sell or rent out the house rather just exterminate then pay for the full removal leaving the burden for the next owners.  So do yourself a favor and have a reputable company with reviews from people that have used them and always get a written warranty with the work. 

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Honey Bee Removal Success!
Once the beehive has been  removed repairs must be done quickly within a few days if possible .  You may have robber bees coming around to investigate and hoover around the areas.  We do not repair but, in some cases will attempt to piece back the siding if applicable.  We are not carpenters and rather you have a professional repair the damage to your satisfaction.


Commercial Bee Removal Company

Commercial Bee Removal​

When it comes to removing honey bees from cell phone towers we get it done right!  We understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time to keep production moving!


Katy Texas Commercial Bee Removal Source


Bee infestations can prove to be very dangerous so it is important to act quickly. 911 Honey Bee Removal offers expert advice on bee removal.


Katy Commercial Honeybee Removal & Relocation


Our bee relocation services can remove hives safely and quickly from your property. For commercial and residential bee removal, you can count on us. You could end up paying a lot for repairs to your home. Also, unattended beehives can attract other insects like roaches and even rodents.

Honey Bees are vital to a healthy garden, home and neighborhood. If your home is infested, contact the top bee experts in Katy San Antonio, Houston and Galveston Texas. Although honey bees can be annoying, they are essential to a healthy environment.

Habitat and Behavior of Honey Bees: Wild honey bees live in rock crevices and in holes in trees. Honey bees don't hibernate when it is cold, which is a difference from other species of bees. Instead, they will be found inside their nests sharing body heat and consuming stored food. Although honey bees are extremely social, they can be dangerous to your home and play a vital role in ecology and pollination.




Honey Bee Removal by 911 honeybee removal specialists with more than 30 years experience. We are often called upon to address commercial bee issues in Katy Tx. There is a mix of both developed and undeveloped areas where bees can be found. There are two options for controlling bees: remove them from the structure or move bee swarms. Honey Bees, which pollinate about a third of all food consumed by humans, are extremely important. Bees can sometimes pose a threat to structures in Katy Texas. Depending on the location and the nature of the bees, we can usually remove them alive and move them to our Waller Texas honey farm.


Bees in your Business Most likely, bees have entered your business through the roof or between brick and siding on a 2-story building. These are two examples of bees that must be removed. After the bees have been removed, the most important step is bee proofing the area. There have been many instances where companies failed to protect their customers, which has resulted in them losing a lot of money. You should choose a company with extensive experience and a written warranty that guarantees their work. One more thing: Just because a company is a professional pest control company does not mean they are qualified to remove honeybees. While they might be skilled at taking care of fleas and roaches, it is not the same as removing them. Do you take your vehicle to the guy who changes your oil if it has a transmission problem? A transmission specialist is required.


Utility Bee Removal Bee removal

Electric Sub Stations be Removal

Restaurant Bee Removal

Strip Malls Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal FAQ'S​


  • How much do you charge? That depends on the location of the structure  and the location of the bee problem on the structure also.  Price also will vary to the service needed to resolve the bee problem example: removal or extermination only or live removal or extermination removal.  We can normally give an accurate quote over the phone with all this information provided.

  • Do you kill them? Thats a great question and that depends on the situation and location of the beehive in question.  We always try to remove them alive but, in some circumstances its just not applicable. We value honey bees and understand the importance of the pollinating job they perform, and will remove and relocate them if possible.

  • Do you have a warranty ? Yes we provide a written warranty with all our work we perform.

  • Do you perform commercial bee removal? Yes we do we are the sole service provider for the main electric and crane, apartments company's in town and more. 

  • How do i make an appointment ? Please give us a call and depending on our schedule we will set an appointment and answer any additional concerns you may have.

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