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Houston Bee Removal Service by Local Beekeepers

If you are Having a problem with Honey Bees in your home or business and looking for info about Houston Bee Removal...


You need to know how to Find the best Houston Bee Removal company in Houston Tx.

Do you want to Get the bees out quick and keep them out!? Without having to Lose money on unexperienced fly by night Houston bee removal company?

If you are interested in Houston Bee Removal Service by Local Beekeepers, you might like to know this unique way.

Houston Bee Removal Provides - Bee Removal Services That Helps Remove Honey Bee Colonies from Residential and Commercial Properties.

If there’s a colony of honey bees in your yard in the neighborhood, it’s important that you keep the children away from the potential risk, before calling Houston Bee Removal for our Houston bee control services. Never provoke the colony, tease the bees or disturb the swarm. If you stumble upon the hive, walk away slowly and make sure you don’t do anything that can be perceived as aggressive. While bees are an important part of the ecosystem, you don’t just ignore the colony even if you are pro-environment. You call us right away and we’ll make sure to get rid of the colony the safest way possible.

Why Should a Colony of Honey Bees in Houston Tx Worry You?

For the most part, honey bees don’t really harm anybody even if they are in a swarm—unless, of course, you provoke them. However, when they build a colony their first instinct is to protect their territory and their queen. That’s when they become suddenly aggressive. They might be small but their sting can be deadly for some people, especially when they create an allergic reaction. A colony has at least 10,000 bees but the hive could grow as many as 500,000 in some states. The problem is that the ultra-aggressive African killer bees have migrated in Houston Tx and have invaded suburbs. These bees secrete melittin every time they sting somebody and that venom is very toxic to humans. Even if you don’t recognize the species, it’s best to call our Beekeepers in Houston when you find a swarm or hive in order to eliminate your problem.

Houston Bee Removal Services Keeps Your Family Safe From Dangerous Honey Bees in Houston Tx

Green advocates may tell you that you could pay a fine or worse, go to prison if you kill honey bees. A local company worth its salt will always suggest calling for some help, especially if the colony poses a clear and present danger to homeowners. A person who’s allergic to bee sting may die if not treated immediately. You know why bees are super effective as a colony? Because they always work as a group. That collective mentality also applies when they attack. One bee that will sting you can alert the other bees of trouble through the pheromone chemical. There’s a reason why pest control companies in Houston Tx and the government consider them very dangerous. In the US, at least 40 people die from bee stings every year. We at 911 Bee Removal/ Houston Bee Removal Service are a premiere Bee Removal service provider that will address your problem for you at a very affordable cost.

How We Can Keep Your Family Safe from Bee Stings in Houston Texas.

When you call Houston Bee Removal Service for help about your honey bee problem, we will immediately send a team to your location in Houston Texas to assess the situation. The beekeepers in Houston that we will send over are trained to determine the threat level. We don’t arbitrarily destroy the colony if there’s no cause for it. Nevertheless, they are equipped with the right equipment and tools to transfer the colony elsewhere.


 Houston Bee Removal Service Is Licensed To Operate in Houston Tx.

The license and permits by 911 Bee Pest Patrol are not given easily by the regulating bodies. We have to prove Bee Removal Process not just possessing the know how to handle all bee and other pest problems, but also whether or not we have the right tools for a Bee Removal job in Houston Texas. Although we are called a Houston Bee exterminator, it’s a disservice to what we exactly do. We don’t just kill. We have to consider also its impact on the ecosystem. That’s why in some cases we “rescue” the beehive by transferring them in some area where they are not a danger to everybody else. Also, if the Beehive is in your house, we need to remove the bees wax so it won’t damage the exterior or interior of your house. Depending on the nature of the honey bees will determine if they qualify to be relocated.  Wild bees sometimes called (feral bees) survival rate after relocating is about 30% due to overheating, and trauma.  There has to be special equipment and also these bees carry parasites and diseases which may damage existing healthy hives in the bee yard.  On that note they need to be treated and quarantined before adding to the yard population.  Just because some company says they are gonna save them it unlikely they will if not properly equipped.

Let Houston Bee Removal Professionals in Houston Tx Take Care of Your Bee Problem for You

If the intent is just exterminate when possible, then you don’t need us at 911 bee removal in Houston Tx because you can certainly do that in your own but people can become overwhelmed and in some cases!. There are many ways to kill the bees, and all of them are effective. However, you are only temporarily addressing your problem. The honeycomb and any other residues that are left in your house after the bees have been killed will attract more swarm. That means the bees may return in the future. Skilled Bee Removal technicians will search for any signs of residues left in your house to make sure they don’t do further damage. These would be deemed useless after we treat the area. We also provide protection for the whole structure called BEEPROOFING.

Kiss Your Bee Troubles in Houston Tx Goodbye, Permanently!

We will find each and every Beehive in Houston Tx down and remove most of the honey residue. We extract and bee proof the affected area, then spray it with a special chemical that is not harmful to children before we leave your home. We at 911 Houston Bee Removal Services will also attempt to purge the area of any honey that is left behind because they can attract ants and cockroaches, and even as large as rodents to your home.

Call Us Now and Help Guarantee Your Family's Safety Houston Bee Removal Services in Houston Tx

Do not delay contacting Houston Bee Removal when you spot the problem, and that means you have two or more honeybees flying around the house or yard. Our experts at 911 Pest Patrol will evaluate the extent of the problem before suggesting the most appropriate solution for your needs. One of the most common queries we get is how much do Bee Removal Service cost? What we can guarantee is to offer you the most affordable Bee Removal rate for the task at hand. Call us now before regretting not doing anything the soonest possible time. We are a Veteran owned family operated, not a company from another city or a Hobbyist that isn't available after the job was done.  We are Licensed by the Dept of Agriculture and Insured for your protection. 

When it comes to managing beehives in urban areas, a professional Houston Bee Removal Service becomes indispensable. Bees, while beneficial for the environment, can create significant challenges when they decide to build their homes within our structures. Understanding where bees choose to set up their hives can help Houston Bee Removal Service professionals in efficiently locating and safely removing these beehives, ensuring the safety of both the residents and the bees.

One common location for beehives is within the walls of homes and buildings. Bees can enter through small openings and establish a colony in the voids between walls. This scenario requires the expertise of a Houston Bee Removal Service to safely extract the hive without causing damage to the property. Another favorite spot is attics, where bees find the secluded, warm environment ideal for hive building. Here, a Houston Bee Removal Service can assess the situation and remove the hive through specialized techniques.

Roofs and roof eaves also present attractive sites for beehives, offering protection from the elements. A skilled Houston Bee Removal Service can navigate the heights and complexities of roof structures to safely remove the hive. Additionally, sheds and garages, with their less-frequented corners and storage spaces, can harbor beehives. Employing a Houston Bee Removal Service ensures that these hives are removed with precision, preventing any harm to the bees or the property owners.

In essence, wherever bees decide to build their hives within our urban environments, it's crucial to engage a professional Houston Bee Removal Service. Their expertise not only safeguards the structural integrity of our buildings but also ensures the humane relocation of the bees, contributing to the preservation of these vital pollinators.


Choosing the right Houston Bee Removal Service is key to addressing bee infestations effectively, highlighting the importance of professional intervention in these scenarios.

The Disappearing Native Bees!

In the heart of Texas, where the landscapes unfold into a field of wildflowers and crops, a silent struggle is unfolding. Native bees, the unsung heroes of these rich ecosystems, are facing a challenge that not only threatens their existence but the very health of our environment and agriculture. Understanding the significance of these native pollinators and the complex dynamics with introduced honey bees is crucial in appreciating the delicate balance of nature and our place within it.

Native bees, with their astonishing diversity, are tailored perfectly to the Texan environment. These pollinators, ranging from the industrious bumblebees to solitary mason bees, have evolved alongside native plants, forming a symbiotic relationship that is the cornerstone of our ecosystems. They are the unseen workers behind the scenes, ensuring the reproduction of plants, which in turn support a myriad of wildlife and contribute to the beauty and productivity of our landscapes.

However, the introduction of European honey bees has introduced a complicated dynamic. While honey bees are vital for pollinating many crops, their dominance can sometimes overshadow the native bee populations. Honey bees, being highly social and efficient foragers, can outcompete native bees for resources. This competition is exacerbated by the loss of habitat and the limited availability of pollen and nectar sources, pushing native species to the brink.

The impact of this Bee competition is profound. Native bees are often more efficient pollinators for certain crops and wildflowers, owing to their diverse sizes, shapes, and behaviors. The decline in their populations can lead to reduced pollination rates, affecting the yield and quality of crops and the reproductive success of native plants. This, in turn, can ripple through ecosystems, affecting the diversity and abundance of other wildlife.

Moreover, the plight of Texas' native bees highlights a broader issue of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. These bees are a vital part of the ecological tapestry, and their decline is a warning signal of the health of our environment. Protecting them is not just about conserving bees but preserving the intricate web of life that sustains our planet.

Conservation efforts are essential in reversing this trend. Creating habitats, promoting native plant growth, reducing pesticide use, and supporting local conservation initiatives can provide the lifeline these native pollinators desperately need. By fostering an environment where native bees can thrive alongside honey bees, we can ensure the health and vibrancy of our ecosystems. Spreading Honey bee colonies is counter productive to Native Bees.  (See Video on Home Page)

In essence, the story of Texas' native bees is a reminder of the delicate balance of nature and our role in it. It's a call to action to protect these vital creatures, not just for their sake, but for ours. As stewards of the environment, we have the power and the responsibility to ensure that native bees continue to buzz through the heart of Texas, pollinating the landscape of our shared home.


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