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 Honey Bee Removal Richmond Texas by Local Beekeepers Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Bee Removal Richmond Tx
Honey Bee Richmond Tx

Honey Bee Removal Richmond Texas is one of my favorites Places the big houses and culture down there.  I get alot of honey bee removal jobs there as well, lots of trees and homes where they take up residence.  I also remove tons of bees from utility boxes in the back yard for the main electric company.  Our professional beekeepers can help you safely remove those unwanted bees before they get out of control.  Please call us for a free estimate 832-598-7244

bee removal Richmond Tx

When it comes to removing honey bees in Richmond Tx we are the best !


With over 25 years experience removing nuisance honey bees from residential and commercial structures we get it done!  We provide a written warranty with all our work to give you peace of mind that you dont pay over and over.  Honey bee swarms usually start south in spring and work their way up , richmond tx gets them on houses and trees.  We can come and relocate the honey bee swarm we rarely will exterminate those since the chances of them relocating is high.  We perform honey bee removals for ultility companies in richmond tx so you can assure we know what we are doing.  Honey bee removal richmond tx can be tricky and dangerous thats why its important to have a licensed and insured company removing the bees for your protection.  We are insured and licensed by the Dept of Agriculture.  

Can i Remove Bees Myself?

DO NOT attempt to remove honey bees yourself you could heading to the hospital!  Honey bees act as one when feeling threatened and will attack to defend their home just as you would.  Rarely we get an africanized colony in this area and must be exterminated they are highly dangerous and kill livestock, pets and even humans too.  How to recognize a africanized beehive in Richmond tx?  Well really cant tell unless under a microscope bt the aggression level is super high!  if they are in a swarm and attacking everything around very likely africanized honey bees.  Please call us asap! we can come and remove those bees in Richmond quickly.  So if your looking for the best honey bee removal company in Richmond we can help.  Call today for a free honey bee removal estimate.

Honey Bee removal Richmond Tx


Honey Bee proofing Service Richmond tx


Honey Bee Swarm Relocation Richmond tx

Beehive Removal Richmond Tx
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