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Kingwood Bee Removal Service by professionals!

Bee Swarm Relocation Kingwood Tx 

Honey Bee Removal by 911 honey bee removal experts with over 30 years experience .  We frequently tackle bee problems in Kingwood Tx , with the combination of developed and undeveloped areas bees are common .  Honey Bee Control can be done several ways by either removing the bees from the structure or bee swarm relocation.  Honey Bees are very important to humanity as they are pollinators and pollinate a third of our food we consume.  Sometimes bees can be a threat when they inhabit or come in contact with structures in Kingwood Texas.  Depending on the nature of the Honey Bees and location we can normally remove them alive and transfer to our bee farm in Waller Texas.  

Have Bees in Roof in Kingwood TX?

Bees in your Kingwood house ?  The most common scenario are bees that have made it into the structure for example near the roof in the soffitt or or going between the siding and brick on a 2 story and many other places.  Using these two examples the bees and beehive must be extracted and the most IMPORTANT step is  honey bee-proofing the area after the hive is removed.  I have come across many situations where other company's fail to do this costing customers tons of money!   Please choose a Bee Removal company with experience and a written warranty to back their work.  Another point just because a company is a pest control company doesn't necessarily qualify them to remove honey bees from your Kingwood Tx, they may know how to take care of roaches and fleas etc but, removing bees is a totally different skill.  Example your vehicle has a transmission problem do you take it to the guy who only changes your oil?  Of course not you need a transmission specialist .

Kingwood Bee Removal

I see so many people trying to remove bees by themselves and quickly get in trouble! Please don't try to do this yourself, Bees can turn on you in a second and overwhelm you. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional Bee Removal company in Kingwood Tx and possible save yourself a trip to the Hospital! 

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