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Bee Swarms Everywhere!

Honey Bee Swarm in Man Hole

Honey Bee Swarms are on the increase as the weather warms up, the buzzing balls of bees are everywhere . I'm relocating swarms from cars, walls, go cart tracks wherever they stop and rest. I always relocate these because their looking for a new home and i can accommodate them. I use a different methods from gently brushing them into a bucket or box to using a specially made bee vacuum. Honey bees are very fragile and when relocating them you must make sure there kept in a cool ventilated place they will over heat and die. I try to locate the queen if i can't which in a swarm is not that often i will re-queen them. Also since in most cases the last time they have eaten was when they started their journey i will feed them sugar water. We a professional beekepers and take pride in saving as many bee swarms as possible.

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