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How about free bee removals? 911 Honey Bee Removal SA

Are you wondering if your bees are eligible for free removal? We'll show you how to find out for yourself by clicking on the post! If you are unsure, you can call us to get a free consultation! We are a relocation and live bee removal service provider that is committed to the preservation of the honey bee and the protection of the planet.

How do I get a bee-free removal?

We'll be discussing the cost of bee removals and how to get one free. We will also provide information on what to look out for when choosing a bee removal or relocation service provider. This is important because it saves bees rather than killing them.

First, we have a video that explains how to remove bees for free. You can check it out if you are interested. It has a lot of useful information. However, if you want to see a more detailed explanation on free bee removals, you can follow the post below the video.

Let's suppose you have a problem with bees on your property and need someone to help you. The first company that pops up in Google is likely to be the one you call. We're hoping that will be our first choice. Click here to contact us about bee removal services. Four important questions will be asked of you:

You might be eligible for a free removal if your answer is within 1 to 3 business days. Anything longer than that will likely require specialized equipment, and lots of work. You might be wondering why people don't come to your home and remove the bees free of charge. They're getting honey and a lot of bees from it.

For example, in Florida, the Department of Agriculture mandates that you re-queen feral honey bee colonies. This means that if we want to get a feral hive, then we will need to buy a queen. Even then, the colony may not accept the new queen and eventually collapse. If your bees have just arrived, however, you should not panic. If you notice a bunch of bees hanging off a tree, it is likely a bee colony. In the first few days, bee swarms can be dealt with easily. You can call a bee relocation company and explain that there is a ball of honeybees on a branch near your garden. They will likely tell you to wait for 2 days. Swarms are bees who have left a colony and are now looking for a new home. The bee swarms that are found in your garden will likely be gone within the next day or evening. You can still get a free removal service if they're still present in two days. Simply take the branch from the tree and put it in a container.

Even if the swarm is only a few days old, it might still be eligible for free removal. If the swarm can be easily reached from the ground, it's okay! Enjoy the sight of someone coming to remove it. Bee removals can be very exciting. If the bees are on top of your house or in a structure, you will not get a free removal. In fact, you may not even want one! If bees are in your home, then you will need to have a clean and open bee relocation.

We at are giving you that exactly! You can be sure that if bees are in your house structure, someone will get it open and clean it up. After the cleaning is complete, they will give you the number to a handyman service or leave it at that. This is because it is very difficult to provide a guarantee to each customer.

Let's suppose you have a nest of bees up on a tree. That has been done many times. Here is an example of how it would look:

This lift can be rented for hundreds of dollars. If they need this equipment, you won't find someone moving your bees free of charge.

This is irrelevant to bee removals that are free. If your bee colony has grown in size, you will need to have it removed. You won't find a single pest control company willing to relocate it for you. It's possible to hire someone to kill the bees but it is not financially feasible, as the bee species are rapidly disappearing. You will be supporting a system that slowly makes honeybees extinct by choosing someone who exterminates, and not moves. This is a serious problem for the eco-system of the planet and the food chain. When it comes to pollinating fruits and vegetables, honey bees do the most important job. Food prices will rise if honey bees disappear. Albert Einstein said this quote. It's unlikely that he said it but it is true.

This one is simple on the surface. Most people can tell the difference between a honeybee and a wasp. Wasps can be dangerous and can not produce honey that is valuable to bee keepers. They can't be sold or relocated. The bee problem is more complicated. Are your honey bees africanized or honey bees?


Free Bee Removal San Antonio


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