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ABOUT US 911 Honey Bee Removal Beekeepers

We are a family and veteran owned company with over 30 years of combined experience, when it comes to removing honey bees we are the Best!  Established in 2010 we strive to give the very best product and service available.  Our clients include residential and commercial locations, we are the #1 choice for the major electric company here in town handling all their honey bee removals from poles and pedestals.  We service many apartments, assisted living , construction sites, building signs, and much more.

Our  professional  LOCAL honey bee removal services use environmentally friendly methods to relocate the bees, rather than killing them. Unless extermination is absolutely necessary, we use specialized Bee vacuums' and bee boxes to relocate the honey bees and transport them to our own bee apiary or to another beekeeper. In fact, this process is typically safer, faster, cleaner, and more effective than other methods used to kill the bees. Call us to get our local wasp treatment or bee removal Dallas team

We specialize in removing and relocation the honey bees bee proofing services.

OWNER - Mike Sexton 

Mike Sexton is a distinguished combat veteran and a former Military Police (MP) and Military Working Dog (MWD) Handler and Trainer with a demonstrated history of leadership in high-pressure environments. His extensive military background, combined with a profound understanding of security and training disciplines, positions him uniquely within the field of security and defense.



To provide the very best service we can offer and back or work with a wriiten guranty! 

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