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Katy Tx Commercial Bee Removal by Local Beekeepers

We offer honey bee removal service for commercial structures.



 We have a large portfolio of commercial clients here in Houston and Katy Texas areas.  To include apartments, sign companies, Utility and crane operators.  We even have removed bees from many tug boats and ship gangways.  Whatever the job we can handle it please call us for a free estimate today! 832-598-7244

Katy Texas Commercial Bee Remover Source


Bee infestations could be life-threatening and should be dealt with immediately. 911 Honey Bee Removal is here to help.


 Commercial Honeybee Removal & Relocation


Our bee removal services can quickly and safely get rid of hives. For residential or commercial bee removal services, you can call us. In addition to the potential for expensive repairs, bee removal can also help repel other insects such roaches or ants.

Honey Bees can be a valuable part of a garden, home, or community's health. If you discover that your home is infested from a healthy beehive call the leading bee experts in Katy San Antonio Houston Galveston Texas. Honey bees, while annoying at times, are an essential part of any healthy environment.

Habitat, behavior and habitat: Honey bees in nature are typically found in rock crevices. Honey bees hibernate only during cold periods, unlike other bee types. Instead, you will find them nesting together in close proximity sharing their body heat and eating from stored food. Honey bees can be extremely social and should be avoided from your home.




911 honey bee experts with more than 30 year experience. Honey Bee Removal We have dealt with many commercial bee-related problems in Katy Tx. They are very common because of the mixture of undeveloped and developing areas. Bee Control can be achieved in two ways. The first is to remove the bees completely from the structure. The second is to relocate bees. Honey Bees play an important role in the lives of humans as they provide pollination for a third (or more) of the food we eat. Bees can pose a threat to buildings in Katy Texas if they are present or come into contact. Depending on the species and location of the honeybees, we are able to remove them and transfer them to the Waller Texas Bee Farm.


Bees in the Business In most cases, the bees are found in or near the roofline of a structure. These two examples will show you how to extract bees from a structure. However, it is important to bee-proof the area after the bees are gone. I've seen many companies fail to do this and customers end up spending a lot. A company with experience should be backed by a written warranty. The fact that a company is a pest management company does not necessarily mean that they are qualified to remove honeybees. You might have a transmission problem with your vehicle. Do you take it to the guy who does only change your oil? It is not necessary to call a transmission specialist.


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