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Bee Removal FAQ'S by professional Beekeepers

Here are some common questions and answers we run accross in the field that may help.

Piece of Honeycomb

Is there free bee removal?

Does anyone remove bees for free?

Some beekeepers may charge for honey bee removal, others will do it free of charge, but you should confirm in advance. The beekeeper may take the swarm and start up a new colony in a vacant hive, and will benefit from the bees

spring Time-

Some of the most commonly encountered bees by homeowners are honey bees, carpenter bees and bumble bees. These bees become more active in the spring time with the warmer Tempatures and bloomimg of flowering plants. They remain active throughout the summer and into the fall.

Why did the bees move to my home?

Honey Bees in a swarm state will look for the best possible location to move into.  They send scouts out looking and return with their information.  They will do a little dance and the one with the best will be accepted and they will then start to move the swarm to the location.  Its likely your home or whatever object met the standards for the new move for many reasons, 

Can i remove the bees myself?

Not recommended ! You dont know the nature of this hive or swarm and you could get in over your head real quick!  Honey bees will protect their home by all means, and in numbers.  Like a fighter pilot oncethey paint you with that pheremone your the target!  In the case of africanized bee colonies this is very dangerous because they mobilize in great numbers and wont stop til they elimate it.

Will i get another beehive on my house again?

Great question! The chances of you getting another infestation of bees on your home or business after removing a beehive is great.  The reason why is the phermones and honey smell attracts bees in the area and if not masked and beeproofed a new colony will move right in. 

Is bee removal expensive?

Well that all depends on the location of the hive and how long they have been there.  Normally cost range between $300 -$500 but in some rare cases could be more not to mention repair cost.  Thats why it is important to hire a comapny with lots of bee removal experience not just some pest control comapny that barely does them.  We always try to keep the repair cost to a minimum and help as much as we can.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover bees?

Most homeowner's insurance does not cover bee removal or repair costs. Damage by bees (insects) is damage over time, rather than sudden loss, and is not covered. ... It is recommended to pay the upfront cost for bee (insects) removal rather than risk the considerable repair costs down the road.

What causes bee infestation?

What causes  honey bee infestation? The insects prefer dark and protected areas, so wall voids or chimneys often fit their needs. Any living space exposed to the outside is at risk for bee infestations. Some species that nest in wall voids fly inside the living space through baseboards, electrical outlets, and cracks in walls.

What attracts bees to my house?

Honey Bees looking for a new residence are attracted to areas that smell like honey. If there have been previous beehives in your area before or if they haven't been properly removed, those dorment hives can act as a beacon for bees. Its like having a dark street and your house has a light on! I highly recommend bee proofing service if you have a beehive removed or the nieghbors have. 

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