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Bolivar has tons of beach houses which have many areas where honey bees will move into. I have remove many beehives from under the house between the rafters. I always make sure i bee proof the area after the beehive is not there anymore. Unfortunately there are armature bee removal people who never do this and new bees move right back in. In my opinion this is terrible because uninformed people trust and choose these dirt cheap so called beekeepers only to pay twice as much than getting a professional bee removal company. One that is licensed and insured by the Dept of Agriculture or Texas A&M .

Honey Bee Facts

1. The great pollinator that honey bees are, honeybees can help you to grow fruits and vegetables. This means honey bees can help other plants grow. The pollen is transferred between the male and female parts of the plant, allowing them to produce seedlings and fruits.

Queen: This queen is responsible to run the whole hive. Her task is to lay the eggs for the next generation. The queen also creates chemicals to control the behavior of the bees.

Workers: These workers are all women. Their jobs include foraging and collecting pollen and nectar, building and protecting hives, and cleaning and circulating their air through their wings. Workers are what most people see only outside the beehive.

Drones (male bees),: These drones are used for mating with the new queen. Each hive has several hundred during spring and summer. However, in winter the drones are kicked out of each hive as the hive enters survival mode.

3. What are buzzing insects best known for? Delicious honey! It's delicious honey! These small workers are efficient enough that they can produce honey 2-3x more than what they need. The sweet treat is also available to us. If the queen dies, workers will raise a new queen. This is accomplished by taking a young larva, or the newly-hatched baby bees, from the nest and feeding it royal jelly. This allows the larvae become fertile monarchs.

5. Honey bees are passionate about flying. They fly at 25km/hour and can flap their wings up 200 times per minute.

6. Each bee has one strong sense, which is 170 senses of smell. This allows them to communicate inside the hive and to identify different flowers when they search food.

7. A worker bee's lifespan is between five and six weeks. This is when she produces about one-twelfth teaspoon honey.

8. The queen can expect to live up to five years. During summer, she can lay up to 2,500 egg per day.

9. Honey bees are great boogies. Their "waggle dancing" is used to share information on the best food resources. The worker returns back to his hive, where he performs the "waggle" in a figure-8. It wails to indicate where its food source is. Cool, huh?

10. Unfortunately, bee colonies are rapidly disappearing over the past 15 year. We don't know why. Colony fall disorder, also known as the "colony" phenomenon has caused millions of honeybees worldwide to flee their hives. They will never return. In some areas, up to 90% of the bees have vanished.

This group of bright insects requires our support! You can help bees by planting nectar-rich plants like bluebells and lavender in your garden. British honey is made in Britain. This will be a benefit to honey bees as well as their beekeepers.


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