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Bee Swarm FAQ'S

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Honey Bee Swarms are moving through your area, they will occasionally rest on your home or business. First of all let me address this Bee Removal is NOT FREE unless you get a person who is either a novice beekeeper or someone wanting to add to there Apiary. Professional Bee Removal are done by Experienced Bee Removal companies which run a real business not a hobbyist. The problem with hobbyist they will attempt to remove the bees and lack the knowledge to bee proof the area after removal or do damage to the structure. Don't get me wrong love hobbyist if they stay in their lane and stick to managing their hives only. Swarms are relocated for a small fee since they are usually easier to manage and remove, when it comes to removing from a structure is a different animal. Here at 911 Pest Patrol providing 911 bee removal Service we are licensed and insured our license is thru the Dept of Agriculture and provide warranties for all our services. So back to swarms and frequently asked questions:

Will the swarm leave?

A: Yes and No depends on whether they find an ideal place to move in on your structure? They maybe on there because a scout relayed info about that area to be ideal for a new home. Yes they may also be just resting because they need to conserve their energy since the last time they ate was when they split or left the original beehive.

Are bee swarms dangerous?

A: They can be if disturbed or feel threatened, but remember they don't want to use anymore energy than they need to before they find a new home. Africanized bee swarms is a whole different subject and will attack quickly and in mass numbers. So the best thing to do is stay away from them and call a professional

Will the swarm come inside my home or business?

A: Sometimes if they venture inside the structure will tend to go to light and come inside then straight to the window. I have encountered a few swarms that came inside a dryer vent and stuck to the corner inside that room. Call a professional to remove them .

Mike Sexton "Da Beeman"


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