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Scout Bees! on your House

Bee Swarm Removal in Galveston County

Warmer months in Galveston County means all the bugs are swarming! That means Honey Bees are too, you see this dark cloud of zig zagging bees over the horizon heading your way. That's a conversation i hear quite often, thats a bee swarm looking for a place to land to rest or move into their new home. If you see bees bouncing around your house they could be scout bees searching for the ideal place to move the bee swarm into. They will go into a hole and come right back out and if she thinks its a great place head back to the swarm and communicate it. The scouts come back do a little dance and compete to get their new info accepted by the queen. So when you see these scouts call a bee removal professional and they can treat the area to deter them from accepting your home or business as new real-estate. Call today!

Bee Removal Galveston County


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